From the Eifel
for more humanity

Sascha May und Markus Schlickat (v.l.)

MMS Humanitas e.V. -
humanitarian projects worldwide

Our association was born out of necessity. Initially out of desperation to save a mother with two children in the Ukraine, an association was created that is committed to helping and supporting people in need. The initiators of the association are the brothers Markus Schlickat and Sascha May.

Among other things, we use our logistical contacts in order to be able to deliver aid goods in a targeted manner to the right place at the right time. We are supported by hundreds of volunteers.

Be it collecting donations, packing and loading the relief supplies or taking on interpreting tasks. We organize emergency shelters and provide the bare essentials for those "who have lost everything". We also support and advise families who have taken in people in need.

You can support us at any time with a donation or with an active work commitment.

Help for the people
in Ukraine - now!

Our current aid project

Support for local aid organizations with food, blankets, clothing, bandages, escorting refugees to Germany and placement with private host families. Support of host families by interpreters.

We are grateful for every donation - a can of ravioli helps as much as blankets, warm clothing,
etc. If you can and want to take in people in need, speak up us please

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